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Personal Funds and Payments to Participants

The appropriateness of the compensation amount and the protection of the participants' confidentiality are under the purview of the IRB. Since no University funds are used, there are no tax reporting, cash-handling, or grant allowability considerations.

Prior to Submission of Protocol

  1. Determine the amount of incentive you plan to use, keeping in mind that the payment must be proportional to the activity in order to avoid coercion.
  2. Consult the incentive language for use in consent forms for detailed information regarding the language to use in the consent form.

After Protocol Approval by the IRB

  1. Be sure to handle the distribution of incentives as described in your protocol. No coordination with the RIC is required, but you should retain documentation about incentive distribution with your study records.
  2. Reminder: Expedited and Full Board review studies must be modified if the incentive amount, process, or source of funds changes.