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Research Ethics and Compliance

Research Ethics and Compliance (REC) oversees university-wide compliance with federal, state, and university policies regarding the conduct of ethical research with humans and other vertebrate animals, and administers financial conflict of interest, responsible conduct of research, and academic integrity matters.

Human Subjects Research

Illinois State is committed to protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research investigations under the authority of the university. All research involving human subjects is to be conducted in accordance with relevant federal regulations.

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Vertebrate Animals Research

Illinois State is committed to the humane care and use of animals and accordingly adheres to the national standards for the care and use of animals. All individuals using animals in research or teaching must accept the responsibility for understanding and following these standards and principles.

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Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible conduct of research means conducting research in a way that is honest, trustworthy, reliable, and accountable by:

  • Claiming credit appropriately – avoiding plagiarism (outright research misconduct) and allocating authorship fairly 
  • Gathering and analyzing data honestly – avoiding fabrication and falsification (outright research misconduct), avoiding questionable research practices that misrepresent results, and managing data conscientiously
  • Knowing and complying with requirements for outside interests and commitments, financial accounting, protection of human subjects, animal welfare, biosafety, and research security
  • Acting ethically as a supervisor, supervisee, mentor, mentee, collaborator, and peer reviewer 

Illinois State is committed to promoting the conduct of research in a way that is reliable, ethical,  and accountable through policy, training, and adherence to federal sponsor requirements and the University's research integrity policy.

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The University’s “Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activities” policy includes definitions of misconduct, procedures for handling allegations, and expectations for all members of the campus community.

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Certain federal agencies have specific RCR training requirements for grant personnel.  The University’s Responsible Conduct of Research Plan includes details regarding applicability, online and in person training requirements, and timing and documentation of training.

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