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Human Subjects Research

Illinois State is committed to protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research under the authority of the university. All research involving human subjects must be conducted in accordance with relevant federal regulations and University policy.

IRB Review

Any research involving the use of human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Depending on the type of research activities you will be conducting, the IRB may need to review it accordingly.

Submitting a Protocol

Review what to expect when it comes to submitting a new protocol for IRB review.


Researchers engaged in human subjects research must complete training in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program.

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Incentive Payments to Research Participants

Review what to expect when it comes to providing incentives to participants in a research study.

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Collaborative Research

Review information about conducting research with an external, non-ISU collaborator.

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Accessing ISU Participants

If you are from another institution seeking access to ISU faculty, staff, or students as participants, you will need to obtain a courtesy approval from ISU's IRB.

Learn about Courtesy Approvals