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Training for IACUC Members

New IACUC Members must complete an initial in person orientation on ISU policies and procedures and online coursework through CITI as outlined below prior to performing their duties. Additional in person training is provided at IACUC meetings and through webinars and other resources.

Register for CITI Training

Course Selection

Question 6 covers all required and optional CITI coursework for live vertebrate animals. For all non-applicable courses, be sure to either leave the question blank or to select the "none of the above, I am interested in other CITI training courses" option.

You may now select the checkbox next to “IACUC Member."

If you have any questions as to whether you have enrolled in the appropriate course, please contact Research Ethics & Compliance prior to beginning the course.

You may exit and re-enter the CITI site as often as needed in order to complete the elected curriculum.


Once all courses have been passed, a copy of the Coursework Requirements Report may be printed for your records. In order to do this go to the main menu of CITI, find the column entitled, Completion Report and click on Print Report across from each.

Please note that falsification of CITI training completion reports is a violation of ISU's Research Integrity Policy, and if discovered, will be responded to accordingly.