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CITI Training Initial Registration

Before getting started, there are some initial steps to get registered:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Register" under the "Create an Account" heading.
  3. Begin to type and then select "Illinois State University" in the "Select Your Organization Affiliation" search box.
  4. Enter your name and e-mail address ( as directed.
  5. Create your own unique user name and password, as well as select a security question and answer.
  6. Answer preliminary questions about the type of training you are seeking and ISU's site specific information.
  7. You will then be directed to another page to select your specific course(s)


Once a course is completed, you may print out a Completion Report from the Main Menu of CITI. The Completion Report contains a unique Reference ID number that provides traceable proof of course completion. REC is able to verify the authenticity of CITI Completion Reports and may be contacted at (309) 438-2529 or at to do so.

Please note that falsification of a CITI Completion Report is a violation of ISUs Research Integrity Policy, and if discovered, will be responded to accordingly.