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Grant Related Research Administration Training

Although not required, grant related administration courses are available to complete through the CITI program.

Register for CITI Training

Once registered, there are two courses available for grant administration on the CITI curriculum selection page:

Question 8, “Essentials of Research Administration,” is an overview of the grant process including pre-award, post-award, budget development, etc.

Question 9, “Essentials of Proposal Development,” targets finding funding opportunities, developing the narrative, drafting a budget and other topics more specific to the proposal process. For all non-applicable courses, be sure to either leave the question blank or to select the "none of the above, I am interested in other CITI training courses" option.

If you have any questions as to whether you have enrolled in the appropriate course, please contact Research Ethics & Compliance prior to beginning the course.


Learn about verification of CITI training after completing.