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Concept Paper

Principal investigators are encouraged to prepare a one page concept paper used to outline their project. This can be a helpful resource for our staff when working through the proposal process.

The concept paper should include the following sections:

Grant Purpose

Briefly describe your project in lay terms. If you have a specific agency in mind, include this.


Explain why you to think your topic needs study. If you know the funder, demonstrate how your project relates to their priorities.


Explain why your project is important to the field.


Talk about the hypotheses will you test and the model that will guide your hypotheses.

Design and Analysis

Describe the study design that will enable testing your hypotheses. Ask what statistical or other methodological approach are needed.


State the key participants (co-investigators and organizations) on the project. Mention the expertise needed for your team to succeed.


Include other issues that may be relevant to your plans.