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Subcontracts are negotiated by Research and Sponsored Programs. Contact them for contract requirements, signature authority, etc. The Subcontract Information sheet of the Proposal Submission Form should be completed for RSP.

Once the subcontract is issued, Research and Sponsored Programs handles the financial aspects of the subcontract. Items such as payment terms, reporting requirements, and budget information are tracked, via the Research and Sponsored Programs Subcontract Information Sheet. Research and Sponsored Programs will send the Principal Investigator (PI) a Memo of additional items that may be required such as:

  • Sub-recipient monitoring required by federal regulation OMB Circular A-110, Subpart C.51, or OMB Uniform Guidance. The PI is required to monitor the activities of each agency to ensure the scope of work is being completed appropriately, and the PI also is required to approve each invoice for payment.
  • Having the vendor built on Datatel prior to payments being made.
  • A budget, or transfer, that is still needed for the subcontract.
  • Information on submitting invoices.

Invoices should be submitted monthly, and at a minimum of quarterly. Since Illinois State University's fiscal year ends June 30 and per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, expenses/services have to be reflected in the fiscal year they occurred, invoices for expenses thru 6/30 must be submitted to ISU by July 10 each year.

Agencies that receive more the $500,000 of federal funding each year are required to complete an OMB A-133 Compliance Audit each year. Letters are prepared and sent by Research and Sponsored Programs to confirm that required audits have been performed, and to see if any audit findings pertain to Illinois State University awards.

For more information on the fiscal aspect of subcontracts, contact Heather Winfrey-Richman.