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Cost Sharing and Matching Funds

Cost-Share and matching funds are contributions made to an award from other funds to help support the sponsored award. The contributions must be for expenses that are necessary and reasonable to support the objectives of the award. They can only be from non-federal funds, must be allowable by federal regulations, cannot be counted toward more than one project, and must be auditable. Cost-share/matching expenses could include faculty/staff effort, printing paid from departmental funds, etc.

Cost-share and matching expenses that are included in proposals become "committed" cost-share/matching and have to be tracked and verified.

Principal Investigators (PIs) and departmental staff must track all required cost-share and must have documentation on file to support the expenses. If requested by the awarding agency or auditors, Research and Sponsored Programs will request the details from the PI.

A periodic Cost Share Confirmation report will be sent to the PI per agency and federal requirements, to verify non-payroll expenses. Cost-share/matching that is payroll-related is completed via the Effort Report.

View the Cost Sharing Confirmation Report

Contact Information

For more information on Cost-Share and Matching, contact Jason Wagoner by email at or by phone at (309) 438-0608.