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Close Out

Close out is the final stage of a funded project. At least 60 days prior to the end of a sponsored project, Research and Sponsored Programs distributes an expiration notice to the PI. If an extension is needed, contact Research and Sponsored Programs to process the request. This should be done with plenty of time to obtain agency approval before the end of the award.

Items that need completed to close an award may include:

  • submission of a final financial status report
  • submission of a final progress report
  • any other documents required by the sponsoring agency

Please note failure to submit timely and accurate final reports may adversely affect future funding to the organization and/or awards with the same PI.

Research and Sponsored Programs confirms that all funds have been received from the sponsoring agency, and that the financial requirements have been met. If the PI is still receiving monthly reports from Research and Sponsored Programs, then the award has not been closed out on the financial side. Please contact Research and Sponsored Programs to ensure all reports have been filed.