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Before Accepting an Award

Once Research and Sponsored Programs is notified that an award has been granted to a principal investigator (PI), the Contract Manager will email the sponsor and PI acknowledging the receipt of the award information and provide their contact information.

Please note that RSP may not always be copied on all correspondence from the sponsor, so please feel free to forward all award notifications to the Contract Manager:

Contract Manager

Please note that no work on a project should begin until a fully executed award signed by both the University and the sponsor is obtained.

Award Review

Following the receipt of an award notification the Contract Manager will create Cayuse records for the award and the project. They will meet with pre and post award staff to review the proposal and award terms and conditions. The award may also be reviewed by legal counsel and any other departments with relevant roles/responsibilities outlined in the award.

Based on the above evaluation the terms of the award may need to be negotiated. The PI will be updated regarding these negotiations.

If the proposal includes animal/human subjects, biohazardous chemicals, lasers, neurotoxins and/or radiation, the Contract Manager will work with the PI to secure the appropriate approvals necessary. It is strongly encouraged the PIs begin submission of any necessary protocols related to the proposal as soon as possible. Delays in the submission of these documents may cause a delay the execution of the award.

Award Acceptance

Once both the sponsor and RSP have agreed on the terms of the award, the Contract Manager will email the PI a copy of the award for review. The email will summarize the award highlighting reporting requirements, budget information, scope of work, period of performance, and other terms/conditions. The lead PI will respond to a survey linked in the email to acceptable or decline the award.

Upon receipt of the PI’s acceptance of the award, the final award will be forwarded to the appropriate University authority for review and signature(s).

Award Execution

A copy of the partially executed award will be emailed to the sponsor, with the Contract Manager coping the PI on this email. The Contract Manager will follow up with the sponsor on a regular basis regarding the receipt of a fully executed award.

Award Establishment

Upon receipt of a fully executed award the Contract Manager will update the Cayuse records associated with the project. The PI will be copied on an email to the appropriate RSP staff requesting an account can be established for the project.

If there are any subawards associated with the award, the Contract Manager will work with the PI and subawardees on the execution of subawards.

Award Management

Once an account has been established the appropriate Award Manager will contact the PI to assist in the facilitation of the project.

Unfunded Research Agreements

Research and Sponsored Programs can also assist faculty and staff with unfunded research agreements such as:

  • Data Use Agreement
  • Facilities Use Agreement
  • Material Use Agreement
  • Subaward Agreement
  • Visiting Researcher/Scholar Agreement
  • Visiting Student Agreement

Faculty and staff in need of assistance with agreements related to unfunded research are encouraged to forward a copy of the agreement to the Contracts Manager.

Submit a Research Related Agreement Request Form