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Outstanding College Researcher Award

Recognizes outstanding researchers in each college. Five hundred dollars are provided to each college to recognize outstanding researchers. The number of recipients, the selection process, and the criteria for these awards are at the discretion of the College. However, the criteria should parallel those of the Outstanding University Researcher Award program for College recipients to be competitive at the University level. Funds provided by the University for this award may be combined with research award programs already existing in the Colleges, but individuals selected must be designated by the title Outstanding College Researcher. Although funds are intended to be used primarily for equipment, it is permissible for Colleges to exchange funds from other budget accounts so that award recipients may obtain the research-related items they need most, but not for faculty salary. Colleges should send the names of award recipients to the Associate Vice President for Research before the deadline for Outstanding University Researcher applications; otherwise, College recipients will be ineligible for Outstanding University Researcher awards that year. Contact individual colleges for eligibility information, application instructions, and a list of past recipients.

The Outstanding College Researcher Awards are administered at the college level. For specific information about your college's award procedures, consult the college website or contact your College Research Coordinator.